“My dearest Randy, Phil and Joe, after four weeks on prozyme, hyper-thyrin, cat oil and agari gold mushroom, our 10 year-old boy, lucky is having a wonderful life! We are thankful for everything. It is absolute bliss to see our boy having such a carefree time of it; no side effects, except for an 8-ounce weight gain. He is full of energy, loves to play; and is very content, loves to snuggle… his purr is at an all-time high volume…” Marlene and Lucky M.

GOOD NEWS: my little kitty, Cricket, is better than ever. Not only her overall health has improved, but her attitude seems more gentle and calm. I am so glad that we figured out she is lactose intolerant. I cannot talk you enough for invaluable advice, genuine guidance and true kindness during this tough time in NY. I know that you nutritional and holistic suggestions have saved my best buddy’s life(and ton of $$$)” Sandra C.

“Dear Phil, we have relied on you and your guidance, insight and wisdom for many years while trying to navigate the veterinary labyrinth. And while we’ve sometimes differed, we always come back for your common sense, invaluable products, patience and kind heart. I’m so grateful, Phil. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely” Holly and Mimi

I cannot get over how wonderful, attentive, and genuinely helpful the staff is here. Phil, in particular, was so kind to listen to my concerns about my sick kitten, and took the time to help me choose the right medicine. He never put pressure on me at any poing, but definitely encouraged me to be more open about raw food diets for our pets. He also asked me to stay in touch with him about how my kitten was doing… now that’s something I don’t experience often! What a great place!” Kat C.

“Within two weeks I saw an amazing difference. They coats were gleaming, their chubby little tummies were gone and in its place, strong muscles, and they had endless energy! My cats were happy and fit! This complete turnaround made me realize how diet is so important and it made me seek changes in my own life. My cats have never been better and I am so grateful for all the help Phil gave me.” Monica & Jayden and Tiger Lily, Chloe, Apollo, Oliver and Jack

“Dear Phil, we want to thank for all your help over the years with our dog Goldie. You have always given us the best advice. Thank you for all you have done for us and Goldie. Joan and Joe P”

“Dear Phil, a couple of months ago we visited your store, and you advised us on what to feed our cat and how to do it. Following your suggestions, our cat Joplin is purrrrfectly healthy. We are incredibly grateful for all your help. See you soon! Be well, Lauren and Dan”

“Dear Joseph, thank you thank you! My dog Rudy lost his hearing quite suddenly. Within two weeks of your recommendation, the swelling subsided and his hearing was restored. I’m a great believer in supplements; I never thought he would be able to hear again. So thanks for all your help. I can never thank you enough. Sincerely, MaryAnn S.”

“Dear Phil, I can’t thank you enough for your advice and counsel. I appreciate the time and the care you spend each day to save our pets. God bless Phil. Thank you very very much. Ann Marie”

Blogger Stephanie shares her Whiskers story on her blog You Are What You Eat. Share  your Whiskers story with us!

“One day while walking home from work, I came across this “holistic” pet shop called “Whiskers.” There was a whole section of herbal remedies and supplements that I had never seen before. The man who was working in this section asked me if I needed help. I told him that my cat was dying of diarrhea and wondered if he had any remedy for it. He said “yes.” He told me not to buy anything in the store (I immediately trusted him!) and to go to the supermarket, buy some chicken breast and sweet potato, cook them well, and blend them in equal parts into a mushy food. He told me to give this and nothing else to my cat for three days (my other cat could eat it too). He said that this would bind his stool and give him his appetite back. I had nothing to lose so I did it. At first, the cats sniffed this mysterious orange stuff and walked away. But they came back later, hungry and curious. They ate it. They ate it for three days. And lo and behold, my cat’s diarrhea disappeared. I ran back to that store and hugged that man. “What should I do now?” I asked him.

He then instructed me to start changing them over to a raw diet and to simply stay away from canned food. That’s right. Raw meat. No grains, no fillers, no salt, no by-products or parts, no broth, no gelatin, no fish, no flaxseed… just meat – as they were meant to eat (a few veggies too, but they aren’t necessary). There were some commercial brands of raw food that were quite good or I could give them my own. I decided to try the frozen stuff first to see if they could tolerate it. (Tolerate it? They’re felines! This is what their bodies have evolved to digest!).

Okay, okay… so there is a happy ending. My cats have been eating raw meat ever since. That was about 5 years ago. Since then my cats have both gained weight. Their coats are shiny and silky. They are more energetic today than they were 10 years ago. Neither of them has had a UTI or diarrhea or anything. They go to the vet once a year for check-ups and my Vet marvels at how Nelson has recovered and how beautiful they both look.

The best part is that they behave like hunters – little lions that they are.”

Letter from Trevor and Caroline



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