• Homeopathy- Vitamins- Raw Foods- Alternative Therapies- Safe Toys/Treats- Food and Supplies for all your Pet’s needs!
  • Free home delivery!
  • Mail Order/Online Shopping</li
    For all products and services, please visit
    • Unique, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, naturally preserved, digestive/urinary tract friendly, and/or dietetic processed foods.
    • Herbs in many forms.
    • Homeopathic and flower remedies.
    • A wide range of nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals and glandulars.
    • The best, most informative books and videos.
    • The largest selection of fresh/frozen meats/meals specifically for animals.
    • Safe, non-toxic cat litters, toys and treats.
    • Unique, organic, vegetarian/vegan treats and foods.
    • The unusual, and usual, in pet accouterments including TTouch equipment, unique harnesses not found elsewhere, accessories, toys, natural chew bones and much more!

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