Carbon Pawprint: Pets Go Green

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“If you’re one of the 35 million cat guardians in the United States, you undoubtedly want to know whether your feline is getting the food it needs for optimal health. For the domestic housecat, the wrong diet can contribute to health problems ranging from kidney disease and diabetes to allergies and cancer. To make the most of its nine lives, your cat requires a diet that strengthens its immune system—and that means the natural foods that closely resemble the diet of its ancestors.”

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Holistic Petcare by Whiskers featured on The Queens Gazette

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After Pet Food Scare, Could Homemade be a Help?

Check out this interview with Phil by NPR, after the the pet food scare in 2007

The recent pet food scare that has resulted in many pet deaths has turned some to alternative ways of feeding their pets. Phil Klein, an expert in the field of homemade pet food, offers advice.

Meet Whiskers Holistic Pet Store, a Great Resource Pet Care in NYC!

What is Your Take on Vegan Diets for Pets?

Tell me, do you think your pets should have the same diet as you? If you are vegan, should animals be denied meat, fish, dairy and poultry?

ABC News takes on the question, and our own Whiskers Randy Klein shares her insights on the matter. A must watch, here is the link to it: Vegan Diets for Pets.

Whiskers’ Classes On Pet Nutrition Featured on NY1

Great knowledge must be shared! Your own Whiskers here featured on NY1, in regards of Pet Nutrition classes offered by Whiskers. Here is the video and full story:

Local Pet Store Offers Classes On Pet Nutrition –

“As more and more pet food is pulled from store shelves, New Yorkers are feeling the void in terms of alternatives. One food class in the city is helping locals cook up a solution. NY1 Home reporter Jill Scott filed the following report.

A little broccoli, a little steak, and how about some chicken? Mix it all together and it might look like dog food, but according to New Yorkers at a local pet food store, it does not taste like it.

In the wake of the recent pet food recall many New Yorkers are taking action, by heading into the kitchen.

“Everyday there is a new recall on another food, so I got really nervous about it and I heard about this seminar so I wanted to come because I figured it was a better option and then what’s going on today,” said one pet owner.

Whiskers Holistic Pet Care in the East Village is offering classes to teach New Yorkers how to cook all-natural delicious meals for their pets.

“More and more people do not know which foods are safe,” said Randy Klein, owner of Whiskers Holistic Pet Care. “So they go into a store and they look around and today the food is safe and tomorrow it’s not. What we are really trying to teach people is what you can do to make the food at home if you want to. And it’s not as simple as throwing down some chicken in a bowl. You have to know what vitamins and supplements to add.”

Instead of offering specific recipes, the class serves up an education about nutrition. The class teaches what ingredients are safe for cats, or are not safe for dogs. The seminar also instructs on ways to prepare the food and what needs to be added.

“It was a surprise to me that I shouldn’t give my dog peppers,” said one seminar attendee. “I would have never thought about putting honey in food. I didn’t know about vinegar. I wasn’t sure what had to be cooked or didn’t need to be cooked. Now I feel like I know, like I have more guidance about what’s right and wrong.”

Most New Yorkers can’t give their pet a gourmet meal every single night. And sometimes both you, and fido, want to order in. So in the class they show you how to order food off of almost any menu.

“I don’t cook for myself, but I will cook for my pets,” said Klein. “And, when I am not cooking for my pets, I will order an extra container of steamed broccoli from the Chinese that I am bringing in. Or, I will order a rare hamburger from the diner for my dog. There are foods that are made already for you that you can incorporate into your pet’s diet.”

There are also 30-40 different frozen food options.

Now aside from the seminars, the staff will work with you one on one to help you develop a menu based on your pet’s individual needs.

All the food created at the seminar can be served raw or cooked, and you might want to check with your vet before changing your pet’s diet.

The seminars cost $20 dollars and will be held at through the fall. For more information go

Because once you start cooking, the only thing you’ll recall is how often your pet comes back for a doggie bag.”

-Jill Scott